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davidblogMy name is David Moncrief – and
I’ve been known as the ‘Texas
Toy Man’ for over 20 years.  My
wife and I moved from Houston
about 11 years ago to a small
town of less than 1,000 people
from the 2,000,000+ people in
Houston – talk about a change!

While living in the country isn’t for
everyone, we’ve made a wonderful life for ourselves and to this day know it was the best decision of our lives.


Our neighbors aren’t close by, but we know them all – unlike when we were in the city. And, they are all willing to help out in a time of need. I have found that living in the country you come to depend on your neighbors whether it’s for help moving something, needing a nut and bolt, or just some good conversation.


Although basically retired, I am
fortunate to be able to work on
the Internet – selling, trading and
sometimes buying toys. A new project
I’m working on is to put toy price
guides up on my website Texas Antique
. When I’m not surfing the
Net you’ll find me in my Red Barn
where I spend a lot of time working
with my tools. I enjoy tinkering with anything mechanical and have a shop full of any and everything a tinkerer could dream of. Also enjoy riding my tractor and just sitting on the porch watching the gorgeous sunsets we have.


My wife – Jan – and I feel we are the luckiest couple on earth to have found our little bit of Heaven and the Good Lord willing – we look forward to many more years out here in the middle of our hay field.


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  1. Glenn smith Mar 9th 2009

    David, my email is broken, so if we talk, it will have to be by land line. If you get this, it means I can send, but not recieve. I have a patent model of a combine that my grandfather and another man by the name of Dougan invented and patented on Jan 28, 1913. Do you know anyone who might be intrested in it ? My land line # is 479/736/2841.

  2. Glen, Will give you a call on Tuesday around lunch time CST. In the meantime if you have Skype let me know. I just downloaded it so maybe we could conect that way. David

  3. You have a nice site here, Makes me wonder what happened to my old toy cars and trains . If I remember correctly I have an antique Lionel train and track in my uncles attic.

  4. david I have nine hubley metal kits that I am interested in selling. they are one 1932 chevy coupe, one model A phaeton, one 1932 chevy phaeton, one model A pickup truck, one model A station wagon, one 1930 packard roadster, one packard dietrich conv victoria, one 1930 packard sport phaeton, and one mdel SJ duesenberg town car. any help would be appreciated. thank you
    jim blaskowski
    phone 602-997-1230

  5. Hi Jim,

    You have a very nice selection of Hubley metal kits. The way the market is today it is very difficult to sell anything on eBay or local auction sites.

    In my opinion, I would look for sites such as http://www.txantiquemall.com
    that offers free advertising on this site.


  6. C. A. Bell Jun 26th 2012

    I have a friend in San Antonio, TX who is trying to sell her late husband’s antique toy car collection. Can you direct me to a toy car collector here or a place that will look at her collection?


  7. Hello –

    I don’t know of anyone I could direct you to in San Antonio. I do urge caution when selling so that you get an accurate and honest appraisal or price/value.

    Consider the following suggestions:

    1. If you go to a dealer/appraiser – get references and then get a second, or third opinion. Don’t take the first offer. If the person isn’t willing to work with you and be willing to let you consider their offer, then chances are they’re trying to take advantage of you.
    2. Know what you have – some toy cars that don’t look particularly special are quite valuable. To get the most out of the collection, you or someone needs to do due diligence.
    3. If you do sell, go into the negotiations knowing 2 prices: what you’d like to get and what the lowest price you’d accept would be.
    4. Avoid letting dealers or buyers cherry-pick the collection. In this case they’ll take the best leaving you with items hard to sell or of little value. Try to sell everything at once.
    5. Remember if you do sell to a dealer, they’ll take the price you quote and subtract 40-50% for their offer. A dealer will never pay book value
    6. If you want other recommendations on how to sell your stuff, visit this link http://www.txantiquemall.com/howtosellmystuff.html

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  8. John A. DeArmond Jul 11th 2012

    Good day. I have 1970 era VINTAGE TONKA 17″ RED SNORKEL LADDER BUCKET FIRE ENGINE TRUCK that I would love to have rebuilt; do you preform that type of work?

    If you would please, reply to my gmail.

    Thank you,


  9. Johnny Sep 13th 2012

    ,Love your webpage! No one seems to be able to help me, so Im praying that you might. I came into possesion of an F1 wooden race car [60s style] Its about 11 inches in lenght. The colors are, blue, white and silver with the #1 on both sides. It has a label underneath which reads: Made in England By: Tom Karen. If you can help me in any way. THANKS….AND HAVE A GREAT DAY.

  10. Will do . . . David

  11. Will do some research and email you . . . David

  12. Jennifer Dec 21st 2012

    I have the same airplane (http://texastoyman.com/vintage-toys/navy-style-folding-wing-press-steel-airplane/) although mine is blue with red wings, don’t have much info on it myself but if you’ve found out any more information since your last post please let me know. Thanks!

  13. Jennifer –

    Haven’t found out any new information but if I do – you can be sure I’ll post it for you.


  14. Janice Apr 1st 2013

    Do you ever do talks and presentations of your collections? It would be wonderful if you could speak at our club!

  15. Hey Janice –

    I certainly appreciate the kind invitation, however, I no longer give presentations. Out of curiosity, what type of toys do the members of your club collect? David

  16. Original owner interested in selling Mattel Fanner 50 cap gun with simulated horn handle. Where can I sell this and for what price? Thanks for your assistance.

  17. Hi –

    Without seeing an item, it is very difficult to assign a value; also price is influenced by demand, condition, and geographic location. You can find some good reference books on Toy Cap Guns here.

    Regarding where to sell, that depends on if you want to get full price or if you are willing to sell below book price. To get full price look for collectors, Ebay or classified ad if you don’t have your own shop. For a dealer look to local antique shops, malls – call first to see if they have dealers/vendors that specialize in toys. Some malls allow individuals to come in and offer items to their dealers.

    Good Luck ! David

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