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The list of toys that fall into this category is almost unlimited.  One of the first advertisers to tap into the toy market was Coca-Cola.  Over the years many others were to follow – particularly in the car market.  Tonka, Buddy-L and Nylint would manufacture cars and trucks advertising such recognizable companies as U-Haul, Albertson’s and Dr. Pepper.  These toys were purchased primarily at a store location or through a company distributor.  


The assortment of advertising toys geared towards children was not limited to cars and trucks but was vast including plush and cloth dolls, banks, games, puzzles, radios, watches and much more.  Considering the popularity of advertising memorabilia in general, when you add to it the crossover interest from the toy arena you have a real winning combination.


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  1. Chad Robertson Oct 29th 2010

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me out with some info
    about a toy I found and I cant find any thing about it on the
    internet. Its a ENCO (Humble Energy Rocket) I have every thing that goes with it, the box all the instructions and its not put together.

    Thanks Chad

  2. Chad,
    Super find! This toy was a promotional toy (give-away) at Humble gas stations. Seems – if memory serves me well – that the last one I saw a few years back was selling for about $150.00. If you sell it – you’ll find it will be almost impossible to replace.
    Thanks – David

  3. Chad Robertson Oct 30th 2010

    Thank you so much for the info you can bet i will be holding
    this for a long time to come
    Thanks Chad

  4. Ruth munoz Mar 17th 2012

    Just wondering what a Lledo toy tanker truck standard oil company exclusively make for chevron what it may be worth if at all. Made in england. Black truck with red tank. Gold spoke wheels. Curious? Thank you

  5. Ruth,
    Thank you for the comment – The Lledo toy you have, if it is in Mint condition in the box, would probably be in the retail market of $20-30. Most toys appreciate 5-10% in value each year, so you may want to hold on to your truck. ~ David

  6. With door missing not a lot of value – and it would be hard to replace. If it were mine, I’d send it one.

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