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Cast Iron: Reproductions & Fakes



Whatever you call them – replicas, reproductions or fakes – they’ve been around for quite a while. Add to this the digital age that allows incredible duplicating of marks and lithographs, you have to know what you are buying lest you be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous dealer. This is especially true for toys since in some cases the original molds are used for the repros.


In a series of articles over the next few weeks, we’re going to take a look at fake and reproduction toys along with what to look for when buying.


Our first article will look at cast iron toys (and banks). These are some of the more commonly reproduced toys as they are fairly easy to copy and ‘age’. However, don’t be fooled by something that ‘looks old’ as it may have been chemically treated or buried in the ground to accomplish this aged effect. Also, keep in mind that the old toys and banks were for the most part hand finished and manufactured with pride unlike the modern repros that are factory produced with little attention to details.


Check back as in addition to cast iron we’ll be covering the following:

  • Hubley
  • Lehmann
  • Marx
  • Tin Lithograph
  • along with other manufacturers.


To read today’s cast iron article and see pictures, please visit this link on the Texas Antique Mall Compendium’s Toy Section – Cast Iron:  Reproductions & Fakes.

To see all of our helpful articles on collecting, visit the Compendium Index.




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