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Hubley: Fake or Real?



Further to our posts on how to determine fakes.   We’re taking a look at Hubley – cast iron specifically.  With Hubley being one of the more desirable vintage toys to collect, it is no wonder they are being reproduced. These reproductions typically target the pre-1940 toys. Reason being that these toys were made of cast iron – althought some were aluminum – and are easily reproduced. The toys post-1940 were primarily manufactured out of die-cast zinc alloy.

Making it even harder to distinguish the new from the old, the new items are well cast with paint that is very similar to the original Hubleys.

The attention paid to marks on reproductions also makes it extremely hard to distinguish the differences. The Hubley name on repros will appear in raised letters – most often in the same place(s) as the original. You are likely to find that this is also true for the mold and/or parts numbers.

Looking to chipped paint for authentication is a risky test. The paint on the repros is applied so thickly that it mimics the deep, irregular chips that you might see on an original.

So how can you tell a repro? You must look at the details and know the characteristics of the originals. Read more at the Texas Antique Mall Compendium 





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