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1937 Mercedes 540K Hot Wheels 20th Anniversary

The 1937 Mercedes “20th Anniversary” 540. was introduced as part of a “chrome” three pack in 1988 by Mattel. You’ll find this “anniversary” Hot Wheel was offered in 15 different configurations, depending on which three pack was purchased. Mattel used many different combinations of cars some of which were:

Silver (chrome) and gold Mercedes with 1 other car

Silver (chrome) Mercedes and 2 other cars both in chrome

Silver (chrome) Mercedes with 2 other cards non-chrome

In summary, each one of these “three packs” had two (2) different cars minimum and each had a different pack number for each assortment, and each one of the referenced 15 three-packs were individually numbered.

The Mercedes 540 K. pictured in this post was offered in the “three pack” that included the Baja Bug and Thunderstreak.

This Hot Wheel, Mercedes 540 K as the following features:

  • Chrome body
  • Metal base
  • Plastic convertible top (Tan)
  • 20th Anniversary and Hot Wheels logo on the hood top (embossed)
  • Clear windshield
  • Made in Malaysia
  • WW (white walls) wheels

Mattel’s anniversary 1937 Mercedes 540K was available in many different pack combinations and for the serious collector, finding all of them should prove to be quite a challenge. To see the complete list of 20th Anniversary 3-pack combinations available… along with the cars included, get Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels – available through Amazon.




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