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1969 Johnny Lightning Custom Dragster

Custom DragsterJL1969

Just a note about the 1969 Johnny Lightning 1:64 scale diecast cars. There were 11 of these Johnny Lightning vehicles introduced in 1969 by Topper Toys. They used the slogans “Challengers” and “Beats Them All”. Topper Toys based all but 1 of these cars on real cars with the exception of the Custom Turbine.

Another note – some Johnny Lightning collector experts have stated that the first cars had a paint flaw which was the transparent coating flaked off and made for a dull finish. This was quickly corrected in mid-1969. And while some collectors thought there were 2 cars with a variation in the paint – they were in fact the same…one just had the paint issue.

The following 11 cars were produced in 1969. The first name was embossed on the bottom of the car; the second name in the ( ) is the full name on the blister card.

  1. 1. Custom Eldorado (Custom Cadillac Eldorado)
  2. 2. Custom El Camino (Custom El Camino Surfer)
  3. 3. Custom Dragster (Super Twin Engine Dragster)
  4. 4. Custom Ferrari (Custom Ferrari Berlinetta)
  5. 5. Custom G.T.O. ( Custom Pontiac G.T.O.)
  6. 6. Custom Mako Shark (Custom Mako Shark)
  7. 7. Custom T-Bird (Custom Thunderbird)
  8. 8. Custom ’32 Ford Roadster (Custom ’32 Ford Hot Rod)
  9. 9. Custom Toronado (Custom Olds Toronado)
  10. 10. Custom Turbine (Turbine Special X-2000)
  11. 11. Custom XKE (Custom jaguar XKE)

If you’re looking for more information about Johnny Lightning, Tomart’s Price Guide to Johnny Lightning Vehicles is a good one.


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