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Camaro Z-28


Without a doubt, the Camaro Z-28 was one of the Hot Wheels cars with the most variations ever manufactured by Mattel. The different variations of this car included not only different body colors, assorted tampos, wheel variations, different colored tinted windshields, and different chassis colors but also Mattel went so far at to use combinations of these features. With all the different combinations out there, it would be quite a feat to find all of these cars today.

The Z-28 pictured has the following features.

Red body with black, yellow, blue side stripes

Blackened windows

UH (Ultra-Hot) wheels

Silver bottom chassis

Z-28 and Camaro on both sides

Black grill

Hot Wheel logo embossed on chassis

Produced in 1991

Made in Malaysia

Copyright 1982


The number of Hot Wheels that are up for sale in the ‘Hot Wheel’ market of today is quickly becoming over loaded. For those who are still collecting, be careful what you buy. Shop around for the best – preferably MINT – car, at the best price. You’ll be glad you did.




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