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Classic ’31 Ford Woody No.6251 Redline

The Classic ’31 Ford Woody was one of the most popular models issued by Mattel Hot Wheels in 1969-1971. This popularity was primarily due to nothing more than demand.

The customize Woody station wagon came with the following features:

  • Black roof-smooth or textured
  • Metal base
  • Plastic interior (assorted colors)
  • Exposed metal engine
  • Redlines (rsw)
  • Made in USA
  • Clear or blue windshield
  • 18 different colors

If you are one of those who are collecting Mattel’s Hot Wheels today, it is my opinion that the best way to collect for possible future “value” is to start with those cars issued from 1968 through 1977. These cars are not only of an earlier production but also should have a quicker return on monies invested. And one of my cardinal rules: “always, buy the best you can afford, never buy down only by up”.

One last thought, Hot Wheels are graded on the “1 to 10 scale” with 10 beinging Mint in the package (MIP) – and sometimes referred to C-10. If you buying for future value it is my opinion that you don’t buy anything below C-8.


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4 Replies

  1. D. Hull Dec 7th 2010

    I have a Classic 1931 FORD WOODY Made in U.S.A. by Mattel in 1968. It is lime green in color. The condition is excellent as it was
    never played with by my children. I purchased this and a few other
    cars for myself in 1968. How can I find out its (their) value?

  2. You can check out some of the online auction sites for values, check Hot Wheel Club sites to see what they sell for, or you can purchase a Tomar’s Hot Wheel Guide. Link to buy from Amazon is on the left side bar of blog. Thanks! David

  3. The 1969 ’31 Classic Ford Woody was only issued in clear glass. I’ve never seen it with blue glass It was available 17 colors not 18. It has three different color interiors, white, tan, and dark brown. Four base variations. It was never released in salmon pink. The brown version is known to be a prototype.

  4. All the information I present is taken from published reference books – don’t know anything about a brown version – only that it’s listed with the other issued Hot Wheels –