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Corgi-Batmobile-Number 0267


The “Corgi” name is a registered trademark of Playcraft Toys. Playcraft Toys began production in 1956 and are still in production today.

The 5-1/2 inch Batmobile pictured in this article was made in 1966 and in  several variations, all with very subtle differences, i.e. color, hub caps , cutter, etc.

The Corgi Rocket Firing Batmobile featured here has the following:

  • Black color/red side logo
  • Chain cutter
  • Rocket tubes
  • Springs suspension
  • Batman embossed on chassis
  • Red `bat hubs’
  • Batman and Robin removable figures
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Blue windshield
  • Jet exhaust-wheel activated
  • Original box number 267
  • Original operating guide

If you have any other variation of the Batmobile that is different from the one pictured in my blog please send me a picture of your Batmobile and I will be happy to include it in my next Corgi post.


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