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Corgi-Husky Studebaker Wagonaire TV Camera Car

In the 1960’s, Corgi/Husky added more American style cars into their manufacturing of toy cars. During this time, this line of toys was sold exclusively through the Woolworth stores. And while Husky toys were sold by Corgi importers the fact that there were not Woolworth stores in the foreign countries has resulted in some Husky models being found in odd numbered packaging.

When Husky was producing the American-style smaller-sized diecast toys, they were very careful in making them very real-like. And while these American models would probably have done very well in the large Corgi toy line, they were never produced.

The vehicle shown above is the Studebaker Wagonaire TV Camera Car identified as 15 (B.). It’s civilian equivalent was only found in the Gift Set 3005. Oddly, they were both produced in 1967 – one year after Studebaker stopped production and left the automobile business.

This car pictured has the following:

  • Man and camera in rear hatch
  • Black plastic wheels
  • Cobalt blue Windows
  • Yellow paint
  • Chrome plastic base
  • Chrome plastic grill

Corgi-Husky made a variety of different cars for you to enjoy or collect. The The Unauthorized Encyclopedia of Corgi Toys (Schiffer Military History) is your best buy for identification and pricing Corgi-Husky toys.  Even though this reference book displays ‘Military History’ it has all the information on the cars.   This reference book is available through Amazon.com.




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