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Custom AMX Hot Wheels Redline


The Hot Wheels Custom AMX was based on the real American Motors AMX which began production circa 1968-69. The introduction of this Mattel Hot Wheel was in 1969 with production only being in the United States. Before production ended in 1971 Mattel had produced the AMX in fourteen (14) different colors.

The Custom AMX 6267 had the following features:

  • Metal chassis
  • Lift up hood
  • Metal engine
  • Clear windshield
  • Redlines (RSW)
  • White plastic interior
  • Underside of the hood was embossed with 6267
  • Made in USA (exclusively)
  • Produced in 14 colors

If you are a collector of Hot Wheels keep your eye out for the 1970 version produced along with decals for the English driver, Ed Shaver. Mattel produced this specific AMX in a non-metallic blue-color and included in the package decals of Ed Shaver.

However, if you’re lucky enough to find this packaged Hot Wheel, it will make your day. In today’s market, it would be worth more than $1,000.00. Be aware that find must be in the original package because this is the only place you will find the decals. They are not on the car!




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