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Dinky 10 Ton Army Truck, ‘British’ Model



The early military Dinky toys were sold in yellow boxes that had black lettering with six or twelve pieces to the box. This practice eliminates having ‘Mint-Boxed’ as a condition of the individual toy. Also, it should be noted that these pre-war Dinky toys differ from their post-war re-issues as follows:

Pre-war: Smooth hubcaps

Post-war: rimmed hubcaps 

Dinky post-war British vehicles are dated as being between 1954 – 1977. 

The Dinky 10 Ton Army Truck, ‘British’ Model #622 is die cast with rubber wheels. This particular truck was made to have a canopy cover over the rear bed. The truck in the picture above, has the following features:

Driver on right side

Six (6) rubber wheels (black)

Painted ‘Army’ green

Head lights with silver paint

Decals on front and rear

Open windshield and side windows

Length: 5-1/4″

Trailer hitch on rear

Rimmed hubcaps

Embossed on the bottom: 

Dinky Supertoys


Made in England, MECANO Ltd.

10 Ton Army Truck 

Dinky made many fine, detailed cars and trucks – and my favorite reference book for pricing and identifying is  Collecting Toy Cars & Trucks !   I might add that this book is not just for Dinky, but is a compreshesive reference for just about any toy car or truck where you might be looking for information.  Thanks for looking.



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