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Dinky Land Rover, Number 341



Dinky Toys “Modeled Miniatures” were first manufactured in 1932. Later in 1934, the name was changed to Meccano Miniatures. These miniatures were dubbed “Dinky” which means “fetching” in England. The name ‘Dinky’ was even used to label the toys on the bottom, translating to ‘Dinky Toys’.

These toys were very well made and by comparison to other metal ‘miniature’ car toys, i.e, Hot Wheels and Matchbox, are quite heavy. With the exception of the wheels this car is completely metal. You’ll note that the steering wheel along with the driver – which cannot be removed from the vehicle – is on the right side of the car which is common to England and Europe.

The Land Rover pictured above was manufactured in England after the name change of 1934 and as such is marked on the bottom Meccano Ltd. ” Dinky Toys”.


The following features for this civilian style Land Rover are:

3 1/2 inches long

Painted green exterior & hub caps 

Painted tan interior 

Driver “right side” also painted tan 

Spare tire mounted in rear cargo area 

Diecast construction 

Rubber tires 

Black trailer hitch 

Black metal framed windshield 

Front bumper and headlights painted silver


These toys were well marked and on the bottom of the chassis you find the following embossed:

Land Rover

Made in England

Dinky Toys

Meccano LTD. 

Remember when collecting Dinky’s or any other toy, look for those toys that come in a box. Toys having the original box will always have a premium value, not only in the price guides but also if and when you decide to sell.




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