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Hot Wheels 1979 Bywayman Chevy Truck


Mattel introduced the Bywayman Chevrolet pickup truck in 1979. This truck was manufactured in Hong Kong. Over the years this pickup truck has been produced with many different variations, i.e. wheels and paint color for example. Some of the pickup trucks even had different bed versions in that there might be a tool box while other trucks would not.

The Chevrolet pickup truck that I’ve shown in the picture is the original version. It includes the features below:

  • Blue in color
  • Eagle logo “tampo” on sides
  • Made in Hong Kong
  • Metal chassis
  • Gray tinted plastic skylight on roof
  • Gray tinted plastic windshield
  • Black plastic interior
  • Black plastic truck bed
  • Basic wheels (BW)

The original models were produced with or without a toolbox in the bed, however, this fact does not seem to affect their value.

My next post will be on theLickety-6 – also by Hot Wheels – so stay tuned to the TEXAS TOY MAN




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