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Hot Wheels – 2000 Ice Cream Truck (Number 3 of 4)

The original issue of Hot Wheels Ice Cream Truck was in 1984. At this time they produced several versions using different colors and wheel types.

In 2000 that Mattel introduced a new Ice Cream Truck. This new Hot Wheel came in a multi-blister series pack identified with their Hot Wheels.com logo. This series was named the ‘Wild Frontier’. There were four cars in this series. They were . . .

1.  ’59 Chevy Impala

2.  ‘ 32 Ford Delivery

3.  Ice Cream Truck

4.  Power Plower

Our 2000 version of the Ice Cream Truck – pictured in this post – has the following:

  • Orange in color
  • Copyright date embossed on the bottom – 1983
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Sp5gd wheels
  • Logos and tampos on sides and rear
  • Blackened windows
  • Collector number 057; Number 3 of 4
  • Plastic figure in rear of truck

Reminder to the serious Hot Wheel collector, always purchase Hot Wheels in the blister pack and don’t open… ever. This will insure your collectible maintains a Mint value. And, Hot Wheels that are kept in the original blister pack over time always has a substantially higher value.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy ‘Mint’ items, you should buy the best condition you can afford – whether you’re planning on adding to or displaying your loose collection.

My next post will be on the “Surf Crate”- Santa’s Holiday Hot Wheels 2001.




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