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Hot Wheels Airport Rescue Fire Truck

Mattel introduced the Hot Wheel Airport Rescue Fire Truck to the market in 1981. It was originally produced in Hong Kong.

However, the particular model pictured is marked as being manufactured in Malaysia (circa 1982). In spite of the fact that it was manufactured elsewhere, this Hot Wheel has the same features as the one manufactured in Hong Kong.

Note : The Airport Rescue Fire Truck was manufactured in four different countries:

  1. Hong Kong (1981)
  2. Malaysia (1982)
  3. France in (1983)
  4. Mexico (1985)

While the Hot Wheels manufactured in Hong Kong and Malaysia are the same, the ones manufactured in France and Mexico came with some differences. The Airport Rescue manufactured in France was red with yellow and black tampos. The one manufactured in Mexico while yellow in color had light orange and black tampo. Depending on which Hot Wheel you have, these subtle difference can make a difference in value of up to $100.

The pictured Malaysian Airport Rescue Hot Wheel has the following features:

  • Yellow in color
  • Metal chassis
  • Two (2) plastic hose nozzles on roof (one in front, one in back), both turn
  • Red-orange and black tampo
  • ‘Rescue’ and ‘Airport Fire Dept’ on sides
  • Basic Wheel (BW) – eight wheels, double axel front and back
  • Hot Wheel, Mattel Inc.and 1979* embossed on the base of truck
  • Blue tinted windshield
  • Made in Malaysia

The Airport Rescue Hot Wheels vehicle is getting very difficult to find in the secondary market in good condition – mainly because those little hose nozzles mounted on the top are usually gone. If you’re planning on adding this little vehicle to your collection – you might want to collect all four …. with particular emphasis on the red one. 🙂 Happy Hunting.

* While this Hot Wheel is shown to be produced in 1981 – 85, the bottom shows 1979. That is because the copyright date has been used and not the actual year of production.




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