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Hot Wheels Blue Book 2002

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 The Mattel Hot Wheels Collection # 56033  produced in 2002 is a multipack that contains two cars (Altered State and Shredster …in this case) plus including and highlighting a bonus Exclusive Vehicle Fandango.

In addition to the three cars, a 2002 ‘Blue Book’ Collector’s Reference Guide’ was included for the Hot Wheel cars manufactured that year.

The Blue Book 2002 is an invaluable tool for the Hot Wheels’ collector which features over 100 pages including all of the 2002 Hot Wheels. Also included was information on Treasure Hunts, First Editions and Segment Series vehicles.

This special limited edition issued multi-pack includes the following:

1.  Blue Book 2002 guide

2.  One bonus car-Fandango

3.  Additional car: Altered State

4.  Additional car: Shredster

Not only did this collector pack help a new collector by ‘jump-starting’ their collection with thre cars but also helped them become familiar with the Hot Wheel products for that year. A great collector benefit as well as great marketing by Mattel.

Note: My post  next week will be on the NASCAR 2002 Hot Wheels Racing # 43, driver Carlos Countraras #56094.




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