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Hot Wheels Dodge Viper RT/10


The Mattel Hot Wheels Dodge Viper RT/10 convertible – manufactured in Malaysia – was based on the real-life limited production sports car of the same name.

This Hot Wheel was produced in many different versions. These versions included not only unusual paint colors but also many different wheel versions. This makes collecting this car a challenge to get all the different variations out there.

The 1992 Dodge Viper pictured above was produced in 1995 and comes with the following features:

  • Yellow in color
  • Black plastic base
  • UHGD wheels (Ultra-hot Gold)
  • Clear plastic windshield
  • Black plastic interior
  • Hot Wheel blister pack number # 210

This is one instance of how Mattel took a popular car – real and toy – and manufactured the variations with slightly different features giving the collecting public a wide choice of options. While having so many choices lets you find just what you like, however, if you are a serious collector – this can sometimes be confusing with certain colors or wheel types having a greater collector value. Therefore, if you are a beginner to collecting Hot Wheels, be sure to buy a good pictorial-price guide.

If you are looking for an excellent reference guide – prices and good information – check out the Amazon search on the left side of my page. There are several different Hot Wheel books that Amazon offers to the avid collector.

Coming soon! Hot Wheels “The Bywayman”-Eagle.




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