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Hot Wheels – Mustang Boss Hoss ‘302’ Redline

BOSSThe ‘Boss Hoss’ is a customized chrome Ford Mustang produced by Hot Wheels in both 1970 and 1971. 

The ‘Boss Hoss’ was one of the three models given away with the ‘Hot Wheel Club Kit’.  Unlike other Club Kit cars that were issued,  the Boss Hoss was issued a year earlier than the regular line car.    The complete Club Kit is very hard to find and as such is becoming quite pricey.

This customized Mustang 302 came with the following:

  • Metal base
  • Blue windshield
  • Louvered rear window
  • Brown plastic interior
  • Two black stripes on the back and top
  • RSW (Red stripe wheels)
  • Made in Hong Kong

For additional information on this and other Hot Wheels – I recommend Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels (see  left side bar for link to Amazon)


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  1. Could you tell me the value of a Hot Wheels Club Kit new in the package.

    Thank you,
    574-721-7714 c

  2. Kim, Can you send me a picture to texascv@gmail.com? Also need to know the year. Thanks, David