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Hot Wheels Passion-1995 ‘Steel Stamp’ Series


The first Passion produced by Mattel, Hot Wheels was introduced in 1990. This first Passion was designed to be a replica of the actual 1951 chopped and channeled Mercury that was fully customize.

Beginning with Mattel’s first 1990 Purple Passion – manufactured in Malaysia – and continuing from that date on, they produced more than 92+ versions of this style Mercury.

The ‘Passion’ pictured in this post was produced in 1995 and has the following details:

  • Metal flake black color
  • Side tampos – red, silver and gold
  • Hood has a unique tempo – red, silver, gold
  • Sp7 wheels
  • Hot Wheel logo on right rear fender only
  • Laker pipes
  • Chrome plastic chassis
  • Clear windshield
  • Diecast body
  • Malaysia, 1989, Mattel Inc. – embossed on base


Copyright Information


Why are the production date and the date on the bottom different?

A lot of confusion seems to arise when trying to determine how old an item is by looking at the copyright dates. Oddly so, these dates have nothing to do with the age of the item. The copyright date is associated with the creation of ‘new work’ – this can include a major change to an existing car so that it requires a new copyright. All registration is controlled by the Copyright Office.

Therefore, one should not assume that the copyright date was the date the item was produced. It is important to remember that the copyright shown for an item is the year the item was first registered.


Mattel/Hot Wheels produced so many versions of the Passion that it would be very difficult for you to find all of the versions produced . . . even though it has only been since 1990 that a Purple Passion series began.

Remember when collecting Hot Wheels always buy “Mint in the Package” if possible as this will assure you that highest value if you ever decide to sell your collection.



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