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Hot Wheels “Power Pipes” 1995-96

When Mattel introduced The Power Pipe concept Hot Wheel, it was only one of several cars manufactured with this same body style. The Power Pipes pictured above was manufactured in Malaysia from 1995-96 to the present.

This unique design was first produced with the following features:

    • Chrome pipes
    • Chrome interior
    • Magenta canopy
    • Produced in 1996 “Spin out Set” (pictured above)
    • Sp 5 wheels
    • Silver metal base
    • Yellow in color

After the initial production of 1995, Mattel introduced a similar casting in 1996. This new version was named “Pasta Pipes“, This Hot Wheel was No 2 of 4 – in the ‘Fast Food Series”. This car came with the following features:

    • Black metal base
    • Chrome wings
    • Clear blue canopy
    • Sp 3 wheels
    • White, orange and yellow color
    • Spaghetti tempo all over

This Hot Wheel is a very good example of how Mattel produces the same style car but with different names, wheel types, colors, etc. This can be confusing at times. So, as a collector, if you’re trying to keep track of the many different versions of Hot Wheels manufactured, you’ll need a good ‘picture’ reference and price guide. Right now the best on the market is Tomart’s….




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