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Hot Wheels Red Classic Cobra

cobra red bw
The original Blue Classic Cobra was first issued in 1983, made in Hong Kong. After that time, the others issued came in different colors with almost every wheel variation available for sports cars.

The Classic Cobra pictured was made in Malaysia in 1986 by Mattel Hot Wheels.

The red Cobra came with:

  • Two broad stripes on the hood and trunk with cobra printed twice on the hood
  • Some had 427 twice on the hood
  • A black interior
  • Clear windshield
  • Metal base.
  • Open lift hood

If you’re looking for more information on Hot Wheels, I would recommend “Tomart’s Price Guide on Hot Wheels”

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6 Replies

  1. i have 1 mint condition how much they worth

  2. What’s the wheel variation ? If you can leave this info, I’ll try to help with value.


  3. Samuel Jun 15th 2010

    I have a red Cobra with the two 427 on the hood.
    With the same wheels as the one presented up here.
    From 1982!

  4. I have a blue one that says hot wheels and #1 on sides and the hood and the hood opens

  5. How much is it worth

  6. Tel –

    It’s hard to give values without seeing the actual car – there are so manyv variations. However, based on your brief description – per my ref book – this car has a value of around $5.00 – (Card No. 727)
    Hope this helps, David