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Hot Wheels ‘Snake Rail Dragster’

Snake Rail Dragster 5951
The Snake and Mongoose Rail Dragsters were only offered in a multi-pack . . . blister pack containing the 2 cars.
The Snake Rail No. 5951 was based on Don Prudhomme’s front engine dragster and this version of the Hot Wheel was manufactured in 1971-72. Note: The car only came in white enamel with the driver also being white.
The dragster had a plastic nose, exposed metal engine, and separate wheelie wheels. The logo on the nose was a blue sticker with the words ‘Don Prudhomme and Snake 1’. The back wheels were black (BW) and the front wheels were bicycle-type. There were 2 styles of wheels available when the cars were issue: clear or black.
This model was only made in the U.S.A. If you are lucky enough to have the original blister-pack with the Mongoose/Snake – you can look at them having a value of $1,000 plus.


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