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Hot Wheels: State Police Cruiser, 1976




This Olds 442 Police Cruiser is the Hot Wheel ‘muscle-car’ model that had the hood cast shut and the plastic roof in the color light blue. As an interesting sideline, Mattel also produced some similar castings including the Olds 442 in 1971; Chief’s Special in 1975; Maxi Taxi in 1976, and Army Staff Car in 1976.


The version pictured here also comes with the yellow and black ‘State Police’ tampo on both doors. There were two other variations of the ‘Police Cruiser 6963’ that came with an opening engine cover, stickers on the side with ‘Police’ (instead of State Police), and red plastic light on top.


Note: The ‘State Police’ car models (not pictured) produced in 1973 by Hot Wheel had stickers instead of tampos and was one (1) of only three (3) cars Mattel ever produced with stickers. And if you’re wondering what those other two (2) cars were…. they were the Snake and Mongoose.


This 1976 Hot Wheel State Police Cruiser has the following features:


  • RSW-Redline tires
  • The number 12 on both front fenders
  • ‘State Police Law Enforcement’ tampo on both doors
  • White in color
  • Blue plastic roof light
  • Blue tinted windshield
  • Radar printed on both rear fenders
  • Two cast roof-top sirens
  • Small front redline tires
  • Medium rear redline tires
  • Made in Hong Kong
  • Plastic chrome chassis
  • Cast shut hood
  • Black plastic interior


As stated, if collecting the Olds 442 style cars, your collection will include not only these three (3) state police cars, but also the others we mentioned above … the Olds 442-BW, Chief’s Special-RSW, Maxi-Taxi-RSW and Army Staff Car-RSW.





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