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Hot Wheels – ‘The Demon’ by Mattel



This Hot Wheel Redline – ‘The Demon’ – was produced by Mattel from 1970-71. It was based on the original show car ‘Lil Coffin’ . The original car was a ’32 Ford Sedan and when finished was painted an ‘Apple Red’. To read more about the original ‘Lil Coffin’ visit this link.

Mattel’s ‘Demon’ came in varying combinations of colors. The car produced during the 1970-71 period came in 10 different metallic colors: Aqua, Blue, Brown, Green, Lt. Green, Olive, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow. In addition to the 10 different body colors, the car also was produced with two (2) different interior colors: Black and White. While the black interior is the more common version, if you are lucky enough to have – or find – one with a white interior, you can expect to have the value of the car double.

Our ‘Demon’ feature here has the following features:

  • Produced 1970-71
  • Metal chassis
  • Blue tinted windshield
  • Redline tires (RSW)
  • Black interior (plastic)
  • Made in Hong Kong
  • Black roof (painted)
  • Exposed engine
  • Metallic Aqua color


Mattel has often based their Hot Wheels on ‘real’ cars driven by ‘real’ people. If you would like to see some pictures of the Lil Coffin as it appeared at a car show in 2008, visit this link.


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