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Hot Wheels “Vintage” Mongoose (Ltd. Ed. 10,000)

The original, copyrighted (1969) Mattel Hot Wheels Mongoose was first introduced to the market in 1970. This ‘re-issue’ of that vintage Hot Wheel hit the market in 1994.

Both issues were based on the famous funny car of the top drag race driver – Tom “Mongoose” McEwen. The Hot Wheels pictured in this post was manufactured for Mattel in China with the following features:

  • Red color
  • Black interior
  • Clear windshield
  • Lift-up-body
  • Metal base
  • BW Red-line (Basic Wheels)
  • Matching Hot Wheels Collector’s Button
  • Coke Cola and “Mongoose” emblem on hood
  • Tom “Mongoose” McEwen shown on both sides of the car
  • ‘Sugarless Care Free Chewing Gum’ logo on both sides
  • Hot Wheels and Coke Cola logo on both sides
  • Pennzoil logo on both sides of the car
  • Hot Wheels Vintage logo embossed on the bottom
  • “Mongoose” embossed on the bottom
  • Mattel Inc. 1969 embossed on the bottom
  • China embossed on the bottom

This limited edition “Mongoose” funny-car “drag racer” was famous for racing against the Don “Snake” Prudhomme. Their races were legend in their fierce competition over the years.

If you’re lucky enough to find one of the Limited Edition 10,000 of this car, I would highly recommend adding it to your collection – IF it is in good condition “near mint” and still in original packaging.



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