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Lesney Matchbox 1956 Yesteryear ‘B’ Type Bus, No. 2

dewars matchbox
The Lesney Matchbox Models of Yesteryear series produced in England, 1956 are replicas of antique and vintage vehicles. These models were slightly larger than the original 1-75 series of Matchbox models previously produced.

Today these models are among the most sought after in the Matchbox collector market with this London 1912-1920 Class Double-decker Bus advertising Dewar’s being one of the most highly sought after in the 1976 series of Yesteryears. This bus is made of metal right down to the axel spoke wheels, upper level seats and bus driver with steering wheel. The advertising billboards on the sides, front and back spiral stair are enamel paint and very detailed.

Although this series has been discontinued it remains a favorite with collectors. If you’re looking for information and value guide on Matchbox and the Matchbox Models of Yesteryear series, I use and recommend Matchbox Toys 1947-2007: Identification & Value Guide (Matchbox Toys)  – available through Amazon.   It has very good pictures and excellent descriptions with an index.

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3 Replies

  1. i have one of these is there any value to them?

  2. The 1956 Yesteryear Matchbox cars all have value based on condition. If your bus is Mint condition (w/box), it would be valued $200-500… maybe more depending on demand and your location.

  3. I have one of these with the original box. The box is in great shape. The bus is in good shape also, just two things the driver has lost his head and the last owner appears to have glued a few extra people on to the top of the bus.