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Lledo “Standard Oil” Ford Tanker Truck-Chevron

The Lledo company was created in 1982 by Jack O’Dell. And, if you spell O’Dell backwards, you get “Lledo” . . . the production name of the company.

A little bit of history: In 1982 as an employee of Matchbox, Mr. O’Dell did not want to leave England or see the employees loose their jobs when Matchbox was sold. Hence he created the Lledo company to make sure that the English employers would still have a job in England when Matchbox was sold to Universal Toys .

He created an exceptional company and product. The Lledo cars are known for their high-quality, yet inexpensive models in today’s collector market.

In addition to their regular line of toys, very often the company will make promotional models for commercial advertisement under the Lledo models. The advertisement would primarily be the company’s logo(s) on the sides of the cars, as well as, front and rear.

In 1999, Lledo and Corgi became sister companies and to this day still share many of the same model castings.

The truck shown in the picture above is a 1920 Ford Tank Truck made exclusively for Chevron Oil Company. As an advertising model it comes with:

  • Logo on the sides – “Red Crown Gasoline” & “Standard Oil Company”
  • Logo on the front – “Standard Oil Company”
  • Logo on the Rear – “Red Crown Gasoline | Red Crown in a Circle”
  • Black in Color
  • White Tank
  • Gold Spoke Wheels
  • Open Cab
  • Made in England
  • Exclusive for Chevron Oil Company
  • Three (3) inches in length

Lledo produced many different models, many of which can still be fond today . . . even here in the US.

If you’re a serious collector, the Lledo Reference Book is available from Amazon.com.




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