Toys of Yesterday and Today
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Memories Really Can Come True

Most of us as we get older are always thinking of our childhood days and those special toys, i.e., Hot Wheels, matchbox, action figures, sports cards, etc. The list can go on seemingly forever.
It would seem that our inner-self is just waiting for the moment that we can re-capture our lost childhood toys. You know – the one that mother sold at the garage sale for 50 cents because she needed extra money?

You can see this same feeling when you visit any of your friends or neighbors where their treasure chest of their childhood toys is proudly displayed in the living room. By the way, if you were like me, you were not allowed to have your play toys in the living room or den – what a change age makes. Today we all proudly display that special memory of what we fondly refer to as our ‘best-ever toy when I was a kid’.

Guess what? Last week I was at an auction and would you believe, low and behold, in a small box-lot was my ‘Holy grail’ of matchbox cars – ‘The London Bus No. 5’. I couldn’t believe that I would ever see this cool No. 5 bus again.

I quietly told my wife, I must get that box-lot whenever it comes up for bid. Well, when the box-lot came up the auctioneer tried to open the bidding at $20. No takers. The opening bid continued to move down until I jumped at the $3.00 bid. Oops! Someone else bid $4.00. Quickly I bid $5.00 waiting for the auctioneer to call ‘Sold;. I had won my toy.

I went home one happy guy and now I have 2 good memories of Matchbox No. 5 . . . yesterday’s and now today’s.



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