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Mystery Car No. 3 – Thimble Drome Special

The eight clues that were give to you last week were based on a very unusual car – Thimble Drome Special.

It was manufactured by the L.M. Cox Co. in California. The fact that it is not motorized or power motor driven as are most Thimble Drome Specials makes it even more unusual.

The Thimble Drome Special had several unique features one of which is the Dooling Rear which might be described as a tapered design. Although it was not the only design used. For additional information and a value, visit Toy Price Guide and watch for Mystery Car No. 4 in the near future.



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3 Replies

  1. Don Nesbitt Jun 9th 2009

    I have an identical Thimbledrome Special to your
    Mystery Car. With somewhat better yellow paint.
    Any suggestions where to offer for sale?
    Also Buddy L, Hubleys, etc that I’ve had for
    nearly 40 years. Time to move ’em on!

  2. Sorry, at this time I don’t know of any places to sell toys due to the current economic turn-down. Hopefully things will change. I post any information I may have on where to sell toys. D

  3. Mike Doherty Jun 20th 2010

    I still recall the thrill of buying one of those, I think right after the war. It is red, and it has an exhaust pipe coming out the side. It was well played with!