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Python or Cheetah? 1968 Hot Wheels


The original Hot Wheel model called the Cheetah was changed to Python of which only three Cheetah models are known to exist.

The Python car was based on the “Carcraft Magazine Dream Car” designed by Bill Cushenberry. The Python had a medal chassis, exposed metal engine, plastic interior and black metal roof. It was issued in a variety of colors and came with redline wheels. The cars manufactured in Hong Kong had no dashboard and also came with a smaller rear window and larger steering wheel than the cars manufactured in the US. The Hong Kong version also supported the open supercharged engine that sat on the chassis. The body hung over the front and rear chassis as well.

The US version had a small dashboard, small steering wheel, small front grill and the engine sat on the body casting. Note: The body hung over the front chassis – not in the rear.

If you have any additional information on the Hot Wheel Python, please leave me a comment so I can update my data.

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  1. Dennis Feb 6th 2010

    4 known to exist…… One just sold on ebay for dang near $6000