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Red Porsche Turbo 930 Hot Wheel


The Porsche Turbo 930 was introduced to the US market by Mattel in 1991. This introduction included several different versions with the variations including color, tampos, wheels and both style and shade of the windshields.

The Porsche pictured in this post sported the following features:

  • Red in color
  • BW — basic wheels
  • Turbo tempo on both sides
  • Porsche 930 on both sides
  • Tinted windshield (gray)
  • Metal chassis
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Mattel Inc. 1989 and Hot Wheel trademark embossed on chassis
  • Black plastic interior


Even with the ever-changing world we live in, the collecting of Hot Wheels continues to be one of the most active items in the collector market today.

If you are a beginner in collecting Hot Wheels, always remember to ‘buy mint in the package’ whenever possible – new or old. Your interestment with an eye to future value is – and will be – based on condition of your collection.

Tip: Never store your Hot Wheels collection in a place where it can be subjected to high heat and humidity, ie., the attic in your home, garage or non-climate controlled storage building. Doing so will cause the blister packs to turn yellow and become brittle over time…. and you lose value.


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