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RRRumbler-Hot Wheels Mean Machine – Motorcycles


mean machine

RRRumblers motorcycles were manufactured in Hong Kong and introduced by Mattel into the market in 1971. These motorcycles came in three different colors – dark blue, orange and red. They all had extended front forks with spoke wheels in the front and rear. The seat, handlebars, kickstand, back-stand, as well as the gas tank, were made of plastic. The rest of the motorcycle was made of metal.

This Hot Wheels RRRrumbler was not marked in any way for identification – it had “no-name”. The Mean Machine pictured here was numbered 6061 and can be found in the Tomart’s Price Guide on Hot Wheels if you are looking for a value.

If you will leave a comment on any additional information regarding the RRRrumbler, I would appreciate your input. For information on Hot Wheels visit my site www.txantiquemall.com -click – David’s Hot Wheels.


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