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Sizzzlers: Ford Mark IV LeMans




In 1970  Mattel  ‘Hot Wheels’ was looking for an answer to compete with the HO slot cars.  In answer to this question they developed the ‘Sizzler’.  These  battery-powered cars came with plastic bodies and chassis – making them light enough to challenge the speed and excitement of the HOcars.   The cars used 2 carbon or alkaline batteries in series.  They were recharged by a ‘Juice Machine’ – sold separately – which looked like either a gas pump  or AC powered ‘Power Pit’.  The ‘Power Pit’ featured an automatic time to monitor the charge time.

George Soulakis did the majority of the work for the development of the  Sizzlers concept cars.  The exception to his involvement was that he had nothing to do with body design.

There were six different Hot Wheel Sizzlers manufactured by Mattel in 1970.  There were:

6500/Ford Mark IV LeMans

6501 /Angeleno M70 

6502/1970 Mustang Boss 302

6503/1969  Firebird Trans – AM

6504/Revvin’ Heaven

6505/Hot Head

While these were very popular cars, there were problems with the batteries leaking.  My next post will cover how to fix a Sizzler.


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