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“Snake” Hot Wheels vs “Mongoose” Hot Wheels (Ltd.Ed.) 10,000


In my last post – we talked about the Hot Wheels “Mongoose”. This week we’ll see how it’s counterpart – the “Snake” – compares in history and manufacturing detail.

The “Snake” Funny Car Dragster was driven by the professional driver Don “Snake” Prudhomme in the 1970’s. And, just like the “Mongoose”, Hot Wheels produced the original version of the “Snake” in 1970 thus offering both cars in their own way furthering the competition between the two real dragsters.

Mattel Inc. manufactured this Hot Wheel – which was a great re-issue of the original “Snake” Funny Car – during 1994 as a Limited Edition of  10,000 cars.   Mattel was very precise and all of the “Snake’s” details were followed . . . right down to the last smallest decal.

The “Snake” Dragster Hot Wheel shown in the picture above has the following details:

  • Color in yellow
  • Metal base
  • Lift up body
  • Clear windshield
  • Basic Wheel, Red Line – BW (RL)
  • Don “Snake” Prudhomme on both sides
  • “Snake” logo on hood and sides
  • Hot Wheel logo on sides
  • Coke Cola logo on sides and on hood
  • Pennzoil logo on rear fenders
  • “CareFree” logo on both sides
  • Vintage Hot Wheel logo embossed on base
  • Mattel Inc., 1969 embossed on base
  • China embossed on base

Please note that this Vintage Hot Wheel package produced in 1994 has a matching collector button included.

Little bit of history on the drivers:Don Prudhomme retired from racing in 1994; however, his famous rival – Tom McEwen – to this day, is still in the drag racing business as a track-side announcer.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these two drag racer drivers, you’ll be glad to know that on the back of each package is a brief history detailing their careers and the high points of their hey-day.



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