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Surf Crate Holiday Hot Wheels 2001

The Surf Crate Hot Wheel comes mounted in a holiday scene panorama that includes Santa and friends all heading out to the surf. “The surf is up for Holiday Hot Wheels.”

This 1: 64 scale ‘Surf Crate Roadster’ comes highly decorated. The roof is ‘snow’ covered and there’s a gold surfboard sticking out of the rear window. Aso included in the scene besides the Santa and elf figure displayed on a plastic beach with surf are two surfers carrying a surfboard and a bag of toys.

The following message in part is printed on the back of the package. “On holiday at the beach, Santa drives his Surf Crate beach bunnies and surfers to the beach. Santa’s car is first rate roadster that hauls his full sack overflowing with toys from the North Pole.”

The Holiday Surf Crate comes with the following features:

  • Special, dated holiday package (beach in winter scene)
  • Metallic red color
  • Chrome metal base
  • Chrome engine with headers
  • White interior
  • Gold Surfboard
  • White and light blue design on the sides and roof
  • SP 5 CH wheels

There were two different versions of the 1:64 scale manufactured for 2001. One being the ‘Surf Crate Roadster’ shown here; the other being the Hot Wheels ‘Woody’.

This Holiday Hot Wheel package was the ideal gift for the adult collector. It was produced and packaged so that it could hang on the wall or even be set on a shelf. These are getting relatively hard to find in the market today – particularly Mint in the package.




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