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The $500 Wheel- HOT WHEELS GMC Motor Home


If you thought wheels for your car were expensive – you should look up the Hot Wheels GMC Motor Home #9645 in your nearest Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels: Volume 1: 1968 – 1996  This seemingly common vehicle produced by Mattel in 1977 could be a real find IF you find one with RSW (red line wheels) and the seller doesn’t know that the wheels make all the difference.

The orange ‘Palm Beach’ version of the GMC Motor Home with RSW is listed at $500.00. But, if it has the more common Basic Wheel, you can pick one up for around $10.00. The ‘Palm Beach’ variation in the orange color also comes with:

1.  Blue tinted windshield

2.  Metal chassis

3.  Manufactured in Hong Kong (only)

If you are lucky enough to find one of these ‘Palm Beach’ Hot Wheels with RSW, be very careful and check the wheels. Make sure they have not been ‘added on’ to increase the value of what would ordinarily be a common find.


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2 Replies

  1. If that photo is from your collection, we need to talk! Including my India Leos I have forty-seven variations of the GMC Motor Home and a 1:1 1977 23′ that is going to be converted to the 2004 sElections. My collection of them will be displayed inside the real Motor Home when it is complete and I am hoping for a nod from Mattel to get her licensed as one of theirs. I need them all. I have the gold Mattel employee promo in very-near-mint condition and all I lack is the Redline. The rest have been/will be easy. Do you have that one or is that a stock photo?

  2. Sorry, don’t have the redline. Sounds like your project is very in depth and since you are an authority, do you know whether or not the Spiderman in the
    Trail Busters package is a mistake or was this an original Leo issue? Thanks- David