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The Corgi ‘Superman’ Supermobile

The Corgi Supermobile was introduced in the late 1970s. There were two (2) different variations of this ‘two-fisted’ Superman model produced. These models were

1.  Supermobile Junior

2. Supermobile 1/36 scale

In an attempt to compete with Hot Wheels and Matchbox- the most popular car being manufactured at this time – Corgi quickly dropped the ‘Junior’ from the Supermobile Junior name to make the car more appealing to collectors. This effort – along with some other marketing efforts – did increase their sales; however, Corgi was never able to achieve the mass market appeal of Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

The Superman Junior pictured above has the following characteristics:

  • Blue diecast body
  • Red plastic interior
  • Red ‘two-fisted’ sluggers (button activated)
  • Superman logo on front of car
  • Diecast skids (no wheels)
  • Clear plastic cockpit (fixed)
  • Made in Great Britain embossed on bottom
  • DC Comics embossed on bottom
  • Corgi Supermobile embossed on the bottom
  • Length: 3 inches

The Superman Supermobile was one of Corgi’s more popular cars – both the Junior and the 1/36 scale. However, because the company was in transition to the 1/36 scale models and made many package changes to compete in the diecast market – it should be noted that the larger version of this car, i.e., the 1/36 scale model which was identical to the Junior – was the most popular and as such was more valued.

One final thought, the Superman Supermobile is a unique diecast toy in that it has a button mechanism. This button mechanism – located on the rear of the car– when pushed would cause the ‘two-fists’ to deploy. This novel action was a great attraction to the market – young and old – making it a fun toy.




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