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Thinking of selling your collection?

I get a lot of emails and phone calls from people wanting to sell their collections.  Usually Hot Wheels.  The first thing I tell them is that when you are ready to sell your collection, you will run into many obstacles that will most likely cause you to get a lesser value for your collection than what you want or have invested.

These obstacles are:

Need to have a complete inventory of the collection

Need to have the collection priced (don’t expect a buyer to make an offer)

Need to have knowledge of the current value of the items in the collection

Inability to find a viable buyer

Finding a buyer that wants to ‘cherry pick the collection’ (items left will hard to sell as they will be less desirable)

The buyer may want you to ship the items before he will make payment (never a good idea)

Having unknown persons come to your home

When you are ready to sell your collection, you need to prepare by doing the following:

Have a good inventory with descriptions.

Have digital pictures you can email potential buyers

Decide how you want to sell – direct to a buyer or online 

For those wanting to sell directly, 10 Ways to Sell My Stuff, lists ten different ways you can sell single items or whole collections.  It also lists the pros and cons of each method.

If you want to try selling your collection online, my article on Power To Earn Money about eCommerce lists different ways to sell on the Internet.  And, gives you links to the various sites and what they offer as well as mention some things to consider.


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