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My Favorite Camera

We all like to take pictures of our collections – either to share or for insurance purposes.  However, finding a good digital camera from the vast number available is not always easy.

What are 14 Requirements of a good digital camera?


  • Pocket-sized
  • Small but not so small that it can’t easily be held
  • Have a good sized LCD viewer
  • Easy to turn on/off (slide switch)
  • Tripod mountable
  • Memory stick preferred
  • Internal memory of 8+ Gigs
  • Mega pixels of 10+
  • ‘Steady Shot’ feature
  • Touch screen controls
  • Zoom – ‘5  power’
  • Metal case
  • Movie mode
  • Micro setting for details

The only camera I have found to date that meets all of the above requirements is the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC T700.  This camera is easy to operate while switching from one mode to another is simple with the touch screen feature.  Touch….touch….touch and you’re ready to go.

I have used other digital cameras but have found that the Sony Cyber-Shot far excels what one needs to take a good, clear picture – day or night.  This camera will be liked by both beginners and experienced photographers.

Once you have pictures of your collection, store them ono a CD or memory stick to keep as a record for insurance purposes.  For extra safety, keep a copy offsite in your safety deposit box or business safe.



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3 Replies

  1. old henry Feb 1st 2009

    Tfhe website looks great! Thanks for all your help- David & Jan

  2. old henry Feb 1st 2009

    David & Jan , The website looks great! Also thanks for all the help ya’ll have given me…………..Frank

  3. Monica Feb 3rd 2009

    I’ve seen that camera and it is very impressive.

    Instapundit regularly links to camera reviews. Here is the most recent one: http://pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/68280/