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2stepIf you live in Texas you’ve probably dreamed about winning one of the Texas Lottos – and without exception the one you dream about winning is always the ‘Big One’.

I’ve been playing the Lotto off and on for many years. Each time knowing it was my turn to win. But. . .oops! just missed it by only 4 numbers. ‘Maybe next time’ has become my mantra and I always believe that the next drawing will turn up my numbers. Like it’s been said – and is so true – if you don’t play you’ll never win…anything. So, I’m off to town to buy my lottery ticket. I just know this one is going to be the winner. . . like the folks below.

Gary Crump Wins $10000 Per Month In Texas Lottery

Word travels fast in the Texas small town where Gary is from. We congratulate Gary for his $10000 per month win from Texas Lottery! This video shows you how you can win more playing the lottery.

Diana Valencia’s Luck Has Not Been Good Lately

Prior to winning the lottery, Diana Valencia said “my luck hasn’t been good lately.” So when she walked into Allsup’s store in Post, Texas to buy a scratch lotto ticket, she asked the clerk to choose one for her. …



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