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World’s Biggest ‘Big Boy’ Toy

While on the way to an auction last weekend, I happened to drive by and get a picture of the completed ‘humongous’, Texas-sized drag-line. I have watched them building this monster for about a year now and last weekend was the first time I was able to get a good picture.

It was built for the Kosse mine and while construction had been on one side of the highway between Marquez and Kosse, I was amazed on this last trip to see that they had moved it from the construction area where it had been built literally from the ground up to across the highway where it was parked. Would have loved to have been able to see them move that thing. Probably did it in the middle of the night.

As you look at the photo it may appear to be trackless, but that is only because there was a slight rise in the ground that blocked part of the view. To give you an idea of the size of this monster, the welding machine on the small trailer is approximately 5′ in height. If you do the math, I estimate the boom to be over 200’+ high. The small dark spot is the man in the operator’s cab.

Hope it see it in action next time I go through. If I’m that lucky, I’ll try to get some video. Bet that bucket could hold a dump truck or two.



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  1. I drive by at least twice a month and since this last January and have been curious to what they were using it for. I was amazed as well when it was moved to the other side. My grandsons, (1 1/2 years old and 2 years old, always say “PawPaw” big truck!” When the need arises, we texans seem to always go texas size. Nice picture.

    Brad Suggs
    Lufkin, Texas

  2. Randy Woods Nov 5th 2009

    This machine doesnt have tracks. It walks backward. Notice the long foot that is several feet off the ground, above it is a half round red cover . this is covering a walking cam. the cam rotates backward and the feet lifts the rear of the machine a few inches off the ground, and the whole machine scoots back about 5 feet at a time. This looks like a Bucyrus-Erie machine. I used to operate a Bucyrus-Monaghan that was the predecessor of these machines. It was built back in the 1920-30 period.some of these old machines are still in operation.

  3. David Hope Dec 24th 2009

    I am interested in knowing the bucket yardage & model number if you ever find out. I know it’s a Marion dragline & if guessing, looks like a model 8200-M probably 76-80 yd bucket on it. Also, I would like to know what mine this came from in Kentucky.

  4. Dan Longstreth Jan 2nd 2010

    I ran this machine for 12 years at Martiki Mine in Martin County Ky. The machine was owned by Mapco, out of Ok, it had four buckets for this machine 3- 76 yards and one 80 yard bucket, 300 ft boom, and is called a walking dragline, took a seven every forty two seconds. You are correct it is a Marion 8200.

  5. David Hope Jan 6th 2010

    Dan, do you have a picture of this 8200 when it was at Matiki?

  6. David,

    Will try to get pictures from the company that is operating the “Big Boy Toy”.

  7. Dan Longstreth Jan 16th 2010

    I have two pictures of the 8200 I will try to find them then get them to you.

  8. Thank’s that would be great !


  9. David Hope Jan 18th 2010

    Guys, I would appreciate it very much, looking forward on seeing them. Thanks David

  10. Lynn Frizzell Feb 11th 2010

    My dad started running draglines in the 1930’s and bought his first, a 3/4 yard Lima Paymaster in the mid 40’s. He ran a 6 yarder during the war on various projects. I operated his Lima’s in the early sixties and at age 75 I sure would like to touch one of these monsters. Any ideas?

  11. Dane Moore May 7th 2010

    Dan, just like to know where you are and what you are doing. For those wondering my connection to the dragline, I was the dozer operator that worked around the dragline assisting in site prep for each move.

  12. Dane Moore May 7th 2010

    I failed to say that my connection at the Martiki mine in Martin County, KY. This dragline was disassembled about a mile from my house over three years ago. I’m glad to see it back in operation!!

  13. "Bumper" Aug 29th 2010

    I was a machinist on the build of this dragline. You ask about the yardage of the bucket. this particular bucket is 88cubuic yards, the revolving frame and tub were upgraded to handle the extra weight!

  14. Short stuff Nov 2nd 2010

    My boyfriend works at the Kosse Cole Mine. (Hauler) He took me out to see it and it is the biggest machine I have ever seen. Right now its in a huge hole about 100 foot in the ground and still sticks out.

  15. Darby Byrd Nov 13th 2010

    The size of this device, there is a site on you tube related to this machine. I grew in Kosse, our family farm is about 1/4 from that machine.

  16. ex-miner Dec 11th 2010

    Listen to Bumper. worked there and the bucket holds 88 yds. Operators are only allowed to work 2 hr shifts inside because of the noise. Bad-Ass piece of equiptment. Pictures do not truly depicy the size .

  17. Thanks! for taking time to send this info along – contacted the company but for whatever reason they refused to give me any details about the ‘big boy toy’.