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Manoil P-9 Plastic Pickup Truck



We’ve previously taken a look at one of the seven Manoil die cast cars produced in the early 1930’s – Manoil Sedan – read post here. But did you know they also manufactured plastic toys?

To give you a quick refresh of their history, The Manoil Manufacturing Company was started by two brothers (Jack & Maurice) in 1934. Originally located in Manhattan, they later moved to Waverly, New York. They continued to manufacture toys until 1955 and subsequently shut down production due to economic conditions.

The truck pictured above is a post-WWII plastic pickup truck that was produced in their last years of manufacturing – in the 1950’s.

This pickup truck is 2-7/8″ in length and has the following markings on the bottom:


Made in the USA




Manoil logo

This pickup truck was made of a hard, thin plastic and had rubber wheels with metal axels. According to the pictures in my reference books, it would seem that these toys were very plain. No writing, advertising, decorations, etc. However, it appears that the owner of this particular truck wanted extra embellishments and hand-painted their own advertisements and accents on the body and side doors to make the toy more attractive.

Manoil toy cars, trucks, automobiles are no longer being manufactured, however, they can still be found and would make a very affordable collector. Remember, Manoil made both metal and plastic toys offering a nice mix for your collection. Happy Hunting!



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