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Slot Cars . . . ELDON Who ?






Slot car racing is a favorite hobby of many and there are innumerable clubs around the world where enthusiasts can race their favorite car on pre-set tracks. There are even competitions to see who has the fastest car.

And while you most often associate the name Aurora and AFX with slot cars, there is another manufacturer not so widely known . . . Eldon Industries.

Eldon slot cars were manufactured in Hawthorne, California starting around 1960. These 1:32 cars were made of ‘poly’ – short for polyethylene plastic. Their production continued until the final production in 1970.

In the late-1960’s, Eldon also produced several different 1:32 style Grand Prix cars during a two-year period. For these cars, the picture of Dan Gurney Grand Prix race car driver was printed on every packaged Eldon car. As a side-note: Dan Gurney is credited with starting the tradition of spraying ‘champagne’ at the podium in celebration of winning a race.

For whatever reason, the Eldon 1:32 scale slot cars were not well received by most of the enthusiastic slot car collectors/racers and starting after the 1970’s, slot racers favored the 1:64 HO scale cars and tracks.

In the collector market today, even though these models are 50+ years old, they still remain relatively inexpensive for the slot car collector.

Pictured above is a group of 1:32 Eldon slot cars and body shells. They are as follows:

#1-Yellow Chaparral 26 1145-13

#2 -Blue-Ford GT 1346-11

#3-Gray P3 Ferrari 1351-12

#4-Shell – white Ford J 1350-14

#5- Shell –Porsche Carrera 1351-11

It’s my opinion the Eldon Slot Cars 1:32 scale are a sleeper in the collector market. They are inexpensive and be can be found quite frequently in the original box or as part of a slot car race set.

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