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We tend to associate robots with the generational toys of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  And, almost everyone can remember having seen many of them about.

Robots – or ‘bots’ as they were commonly referred to – from this period were fantastic toys.  There were various types, one of which was a robot ‘space man’ that had rocket launchers and emitted beams of colored lights. 

Some of the ‘bots’ made sounds and walked, while others even played music for our entertainment.  ‘Bots’ were primarily constructed of either Tin Lithograph as this material leant itself to unusual shapes and colorful surfaces.  Most of the other ‘bots’ were made and molded from plastic – much like ‘Big Lou’ who is pictured in the head mast.

Some of the more recognizable ‘bots’ from this era are:

Atomic Robot Man – made of tin litho he had pressed tin arms.  He would advance towards you in a side-to-side ‘waddling’ motion.

Chime Trooper Astronaut Aoshin – made of tin.  This ‘bot’ had musical chimes that sounded when he advanced.  This particular ‘bot’ is very rare and hard to find.

Dux Astroman – from West Germany and made of plastic.  This 14” ‘bot’ had the ability to bend over and ‘crush’ rocks in his hands. He also had flashing plastic lights in his chest and came equipped with a remote control.  

All of the interest in ‘bots’ as well as the other space toys produced during this same period has made robots a hot collectible with a value that increases with each passing year.


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    Do you know any good vintage robot selling sites?
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  2. Hello –

    Couple of sites – http://www.lilliputmotorcompany.com and http://www.toytent.com

    Hope this helps – David

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