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The German toy maker – Schuco – was founded in 1912 by Heinrich Müller and the businessman Heinrich Schreyer.  Originally known as Spielzeugfirma Schreyer & Co, the company’s name was change to Schuco in 1921. 


Schuco toys are noted for their ingenious mechanisms and were highly successful in the 1930’s and into the 1950’s.


In a series of changing ownership, Schuco went from bankruptcy in 1976 to being owned by an English company (Dunbee-Combex-Marx) who eventually went bankrupt in 1980.  In the mid-1990’s another German toy company acquired the rights and by 1996 Schuco toys were once again on the market producing re-issues of the original toys.


Schuco toys during the 1930’s-50’s were marked either ‘Germany’ or US Zone Germany’.  Any other mark is a new toy produced during the 1990’s or later.



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  1. how can I determine when my Schuco 1227 Ford Coupe T was manufactured? It says “West Germany” on the car.

  2. Hey Joe, According to my reference book “Schuco – Classic Tin Toys” by Chris Knox – your Ford Coupe T was manufactured circa 1962-65. Thanks- David

  3. I have a Consul Oldtimer-Schuco-Mercedez Benz-Made in West Germany-with built in cigarette lighter. Where can I find out more about this item and its collectible value.

  4. Rich,

    Right now I don’t have any good information to give you . I’m doing some research and will post it when (and if) I find out anything.


  5. Thanks David

  6. Bob Muller Mar 30th 2016

    I have a 1950″s Model 1227. Unfortunately I can wind it up but cannot move the clutches to get it to either move forward or idle. Could anyone point me to somebody that might be able to fix this car?

  7. You may want to try ToyTent.com – David

  8. John T.Rufenacht May 26th 2016

    I have a bunch of Shuco toys and other brands that my grandparents brought back from germany right after the war and a very few if any say “made in us zone”so what does that mean? Thank You

  9. This means they were produced after the war in a zone controlled by the US. Thanks, David

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