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Custom Camaro: 1968 Hot Wheel vs. 2013 Chevrolet Camaro


Ever thought you’d have the opportunity to drive a ‘real’ Hot Wheel? You’ll have your chance next year when for the first time the maker of Hot Wheels and Chevrolet have combined efforts to produce a real, life-sized Hot Wheel.

This effort will be a limited edition (Hot Wheels Camaro) available as a trim package for $6,995. It’s been stated that this car will only be built during the first quarter of 2013 with no specific number set to be sold. This package option will be available on both the V-6 and V-8 powered Camaro cars. Some of the features for this life-sized Hot Wheel car will be:

Black center stripe

Red-line trimmed 5-spoke rims

Blue flame decals on rear fenders

Red Hot Wheels logo inside and out

Camaro ZL1-style grille and spoiler

Black lower bodywork extensions


Wondering why they’re doing something like this? Answer: 2013 is the 45th anniversary of the launch of the very popular Hot Wheels. The first sixteen cars produced back in 1968 – often referred to as the ‘Sweet sixteen’ are still highly sought after by collectors today.

The two cars pictured above are part of this 1968 original legendary group. They are the Custom Mustang and the Custom Camaro.

Both of these two classic Hot Wheels feature the following characteristics:


Metal bases with plastic interior

Came in assorted colors (Camaro- Metallic Green; Mustang – Metallic Blue)

Had a lift hood and plastic interior

Redline wheels

There were a couple of variations to these original cars. First variation was to the scoops where the raised, molded scoops on the hood came in two styles. In the first style, the scoop was solid – no true opening. In the second, the scoop actually had open holes. Second variation was to the back window on the Mustang. One version had the back window smooth ‘glass’, the other had a ‘louvered’ window.

Some other variations to look for when buying are those you will find in the Hong Kong versions of these models. Certain Hong Kong cars had a flat dashboard and a large black steering wheel, while the US version had a raised dashboard and a small steering wheel.

With so many variations and colors, you’ll also find there is a wide range of values assigned to the different cars.

The complete list of the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ 1968 Hot Wheels are:

Beatnik Bandit

Custom Barracuda

Custom Camaro

Custom Corvette

Custom Cougar

Custom Eldorado

Custom Firebird

Custom Fleetside

Custom Mustang

Custom T-Bird

Custom Volkswagen


Ford J_Car

Hot Heap



The best reference I’ve found so far for Hot Wheels is Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels: Volume 1: 1968 – 1996.  To purchase this price guide, click on the highlighted name.



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Camaro Z-28


Without a doubt, the Camaro Z-28 was one of the Hot Wheels cars with the most variations ever manufactured by Mattel. The different variations of this car included not only different body colors, assorted tampos, wheel variations, different colored tinted windshields, and different chassis colors but also Mattel went so far at to use combinations of these features. With all the different combinations out there, it would be quite a feat to find all of these cars today.

The Z-28 pictured has the following features.

Red body with black, yellow, blue side stripes

Blackened windows

UH (Ultra-Hot) wheels

Silver bottom chassis

Z-28 and Camaro on both sides

Black grill

Hot Wheel logo embossed on chassis

Produced in 1991

Made in Malaysia

Copyright 1982


The number of Hot Wheels that are up for sale in the ‘Hot Wheel’ market of today is quickly becoming over loaded. For those who are still collecting, be careful what you buy. Shop around for the best – preferably MINT – car, at the best price. You’ll be glad you did.




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The Classic ’57 T-Bird RedLine



The 1957 T-Bird convertible with redlines tires (pictured) was produced in 14 various colors. And, not only did this car come in a variety of exterior colors but also the plastic interiors came in a variety of colors. If you’re specifically collecting ’57 T-Birds, this means there are a lot of combinations out there to be found. Also, interestingly, all of these cars were made in the USA – in 1969.


The T-Bird pictured above has the following features:

Metal chassis

Aqua in color

Red line tires (RSW)

Clear plastic windshield

Dark Gray interiors

Lift up hood

Metal engine

Plastic ’57 Bird ™ embossed on the bottom

1968 Mattel Inc., USA embossed on the bottom

US & Foreign Pat. Pend embossed

Hot Wheels embossed on the bottom


Another interesting note when collecting this car, while you’ll find it referred to as ‘T-Bird’ in most reference and price guide books, the bottom of the car doesn’t have the embossed T, but rather just ‘Bird’.

If you find collecting T-Birds designed by Hot Wheels interesting, just collecting the colors of the ’57 Bird would be a major challenge – not to mention a special prize if you were able to find all fourteen (14) colors.

Happy hunting!



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