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11 Tips on Selling Your Collection


Our website – TexasAntiqueMall.com – gets a lot of emails from people want to sell their toys – sometimes single items, sometimes collections. Most of the time information is very limited. I’ve put together the following list to help you put information together if you are planning on trying to sell something either via email or directly to an individual. Having the answers to these questions will make the process easier for both you and the potential buyer.


  1. 1. Know name of manufacturer
  2. 2. Have information on any maker’s marks or numbers
  3. 3. Have the dimensions (width, length, depth, diameter, etc.)
  4. 4. Take some good digital picture(s), preferably not to exceed 600×450 pixels in size
  5. 5. Have a brief description including condition
  6. 6. Say if the box available? If so, what is the condition.
  7. 7. List all parts. If the item has working parts, are they working?
  8. 8. Disclose if there are any parts missing?
  9. 9. Include any other information that will help the buyer make a decision to purchase (provenance)
  10. 10. Include the price you want – don’t expect people to make offers
  11. 11. If you’re selling a collection, have a list and price in mind that you want for the whole collection

Following these ‘tips’ should make selling your collection or item much easier. 



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