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Arcor ‘Safe Play’ Rubber Lincoln


It is my opinion, that Arcor Lincoln rubber toys – such as the one pictured here – were produced starting in 1946 through 1948. Interestingly, there is no historical information to be found about this particular line of toys in any of my reference books or online. And, what little information I did find seemed to be contradicting. Most of this ‘information’ was associated with someone either trying to sell a toy or a toy that had been sold on auction.

These assorted articles claimed manufacture of these rubber toys any where from the 1930’s all the way through the 1950’s. So unless someone out there has knowledge of their history, and would like to share it – your guess is as good as mine.

I can tell you that the green convertible pictured here has the following features:

Marked: Arcor ‘Safe Play’ Toys

Green painted exterior

Green painted interior with silver highlight on steering wheel

Convertible cover is painted silver

Black rubber wheels

Silver painted windshield, grill, head lights, bumpers

Fender skirts molded on rear wheels

Two-door outline on both sides

Axels are metal held on to the underbody by metal loops

Length: 4-3/4″

Rear license plate – A17

The underside of the car is remarkably well marked with the following:

Arcor Safe Play Toys

Made in USA

Letter: A followed by a backwards ’31’

This is a very well made toy and it’s curious that there doesn’t seem to be any published information about it. If anyone has further information about Arcor toys, I’d be pleased to hear from you.







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