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Cox, Hubley & Wyandotte Toys

Received questions regarding the following 4 cars – so I’m responding here so everyone can see the cars along with my answers.

d_cox This is a Thimble Drome Special manufactured in California circa 1950’s. This is similar to my Mystery Car No. 3 – but in yellow. Value $300-400*. For more information see post ‘Mystery Car No. 3 – Thimble Drome Special’.

In my opinion, this car is a Hubley racer made circa 1930’s. These cars have a value of $200-300*. If you’re lucky enough to have one made out of aluminum it’s worth between $800-1,000* and should be marked No. 2330 d_hubley

d_wyan1 This dump truck is made by Wyandotte circa 1931. It would appear to be in very good condition with a book value between $95-135*

This Wyandotte dump truck is similar to the version No. 318 which is much shorter in length. Style is the same. It is circa 1934. The book value of this truck is $150-225*. d_wyandump
For more information on toy prices visit Texas Toy Man Price Guide

*Estimated values shown above were taken from Collecting Toy Cars & Trucks by O’Brien.



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2 Replies

  1. Ray Kent Nov 12th 2009

    I have an old metal dump truck similar to the orange and yellow one you identified as a Wyandotte . Mine is black and orange, wood wheels. I did not find any name of mfg. Interested?

    I have been clearing my deceased parents home where I was raised in Denver from 1940 til I joined the Navy in 1961. They lived there until early 1990’s My older brother resides there now and has asked for my help disposing of everything. Folks were “keepers’ after early farm years and depression. I held on to many things also but my kids have little interest in old “stuff”.

    Most toys are well used but we were not permitted to bust things up for the fun of it. I have banjos, kitchen gadgets, dad’s tools form his garage shop, a beautiful old wood and brass level.

    Contact me by email. or phone, 301-340-1763.

  2. Roy,
    I am not in the market for product at this time,thanks for the offer.
    The fastest way to liquidate an estate is by auction, it’s quick way
    if you are in a rush to get rid of “stuff”.
    If not try, Antique Dealers in your area. You will get more money for your items even if they cherry pick!
    For the remainder, donate to charity.